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First movie in a theater: Finding Dory!

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

It’s Saturday and it’s summer. We swam yesterday in Galveston, and we’ll swim tomorrow at Memorial Park. Storm clouds and thunder moved in around noon, perfect for a first movie theater outing. We’ve been looking forward to Pixar’s next feature — the sequel to a movie we know — Finding Dory.

Although we have watched several movies at home, we always pause or mute tense scenes with dramatic music, suspense, or peril. I was concerned that we might not make it through a whole feature in one shot, and I didn’t relish the thought of spending $35-40 for just part of a movie.

So while we were still at home, I found a plot synopsis and read it aloud to the girls. Cate squirmed at several points and exclaimed, “Mom! I’m scared!” But we worked through the whole story, and remembered that the stories we choose always have happy endings for the characters we like.

We grabbed quick tacos and quesadillas at 100% Taquito, and drove over to the Edwards Greenway theater. Bill bought tickets from the kiosk and took the girls to the restroom while I bought a small bag of popcorn.

The theater was small and nearly full, so we landed way down front in the third row. There were 20 minutes of previews, including Tarzan and a remake of Pete’s Dragon. Then we got a wonderful new Pixar short called Piper.

Finding Dory was wonderful, full of heart, and very well done. Both girls succeeded in sitting rapt through the whole thing.

Cate said, “It was really scary, but ok in the end.”

Sam said, “It was great! I want to watch it ten times more. You should definitely come see this movie. It barely just came out!”

Movie “posters” have grown a lot in the last decade