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Catherineism #: Sock it to you…

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Friday morning (Feb 20), Emily was in Houston, and we invited her to come with us to Shabbat at Becker. While I was making breakfast, the girls got out the musical greeting cards Emi gave them for Valentine’s Day.

Catie’s card plays a snippet of “Who let the dogs out?” I pulled up the Baha Men’s original video on YouTube, and the girls found it fascinating.

Sammie’s card plays a song by the Isley Brothers:

“It’s your thing
Whatcha gonna do?
I can’t tell you
who to sock it to…”

* * *
Listening to that snippet reminded me of Gran’mom.

Language and idiom change over time. I’m not sure which factors most shape which elements stick with each person. Many of my expressions date to the 1980s; many of my Gran’mom’s expressions were much earlier.

During her final year or two, Gran’mom was decreasingly able to care for her cat. More pertinently, she was unable to fend him off. When Zachary batted at her ankles, her paper-thin skin split open into painful wounds that needed nursing care.

One time, when a nurse was tending to her wound dressing, he caused her discomfort. Gran’mom squirmed and exclaimed, “Ouch! Watch it, Buster, or I’ll sock it to you!”

* * *
Emily arrived in time to help the girls get dressed for school. Cate decided to skip socks and just wear her berry-colored play shoes. While Cate was getting her shoes, Sam opened the card to play the song again, and Emi and I sang along.

When we finished the song snippet, Cate was standing in the doorway looking quizzical. She asked, “What is ‘sock it to you’?” Emi replied, “Oh, it’s a very 1960s expression” and Cate wandered off.

I captured Sam and started talking her into blue leggings, a long-sleeve blue tee, her Becker blue top, and fleece pants with pockets for Tzedakah. Just then, Cate approached from the dressing room, and lobbed a roll of turquoise socks at me.

When I asked, “What’d you do that for?!” — feeling puzzled because she’d declared for going sock-free — Cate beamed and exclaimed, “I socked it to you, Mom!”

Little kid beds!

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Sam and Cate were probably about 18 months old the first times they climbed out of their mini-cribs. but Cindy taught us a great tactic:

  • Explain that beds are only for sleeping,
  • assert that we do not climb on the furniture, and
  • conclude that if a girl climbs in/out of a crib, their Friend will go to sleep with Mom and Dad.

I think each girl tested that rule just once before concluding that it was ok to wake up and wait in a crib until someone came to get them. Very effective!

* * *
Last summer, the time I hefted a growing girl the wrong way, pinched a nerve in my back, and ended up at the ER to get relief, we seriously considered doing away with cribs. But we just weren’t comfortable with the prospect of free-range two-year-olds getting into mischief in the middle of the night. I worked hard to lift more carefully less often, and we continued on with girls in mini-cribs.

* * *
In early January 2015, we took our “annual” trip to Las Vegas — to visit Cindy, Paul, Emma, and Sonnet — for the first time in four years. More on our delightful visit in another post!

We spent six nights in a Westin Element extended-stay style hotel, which I liked a lot. Rather than requesting cribs for the girls, we let them make their first attempts at sleeping unfettered, on the sofa in our room. Conveniently, the sofa cushions were exactly the same size as our mini-crib mattresses at home, and the girl bedding I brought fit perfectly.

The first night, Sam rolled out of bed *three* times. That’s when I realized that she usually leans her back against the crib railings. The next night, I turned Sam around and leaned her back against the sofa, and she was fine. Instead, Cate woke up on a pillow on the floor, and was furious that Daddy Bill let her sleep there after she fell out of bed. By night three, they got the hang of it.

Sofa sleeping at the Westin Element, Las Vegas

Great nappers!

* * *
Sunday afternoon (Feb 8), two 3-year-olds walked into the hall after naps, having climbed silently out by themselves. When asked if they were ready to sleep without railings, both girls exclaimed, “yes!” So Bill just disassembled the cribs.

For now, they’ll sleep on their same mini-crib mattresses, still on the floor, in the same orientation, with the same bedding, for minimal disruption. We don’t really have room for toddler beds, which need standard crib mattresses — never mind twin beds — without significant rearranging.

In short, we now have free-range sleepers. Wish us luck!

Last farewell to mini-cribs…

Big, confident climbers