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First family vacation: visiting Miranda, Rebecca, and Ben!

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

As our girls approached two, and began occassionally to let us sleep 6 or 7 hours at a stretch, and I contemplated weaning once and for all, Bill and I decided we were ready to attempt traveling with children.

That said, we weren’t quite ready to brave airports and TSA checkpoints, so we opted for a car trip. When we considered destinations that are a 2-5 hour-drive away with people we’d want to see, the obvious choice was San Antonio.

So on Friday, Nov 8th, we headed out to SA and spent the weekend with our friends Ben, Rebecca, and their daughter, Miranda. They’ve come to visit us before, and our girls were excited to “go see Miranda’s house.”

The three girls played together Friday night in our hotel room, and Saturday and Sunday at their house. Miranda was part hostess and part Big Sister, showing the girls around, sharing her bricks, teaching them how to flush the toilet, and reading to them.

When I asked the girls Sunday what their favorite part of our trip was, both girls reported that “playing bricks with Miranda” was the best part.

Along the way, we got to catch up with Rebecca and Ben, and enjoy a lovely home-cooked meal.

Sam and Cate are two!

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Somewhere along the way, we managed to celebrate that on October 11th, Cate and Sam turned two. Auntie Em, Nane, Gram Nancy, Aunt Sharon, Baba Jean, Uncle Chris, and cousins Sierra, Izzy, and Alles all came over to help us celebrate. Thanks all, for sharing our birthday week! (click for larger)

Sam and Cate, excited to have a party!


Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

I’m feeling discombobulated this morning. Things are changing. They’re all good changes, I think, but this morning it feels slightly faster than I can keep up with.

Some time ago, the girls and I weaned back to nursing just once a day. Continuing to nurse was a little inconvenient, especially during the jumble of time in September when I started working again and Sarah fell and needed me at the hospital. But it was really nice to have that 4-5 minutes every evening to sit down with the girls and sing quietly while they had “Mama Milk.”

It was a reassuring anchor in my day. And when asked, the girls said they liked it, too. As big helpful toddlers, they’ve started carrying the pillows to the futon, and taking turns to fasten the buckle.

I am also pleased that I managed to nurse them for two whole years. And I have been trying to figure out how I’ll know when the time is right to wean altogether.

For the last week or so, Sam has been unenthusiastic about Mama Milk. She’s clearly more interested in moving on to real dinner. Two nights ago, she declined to nurse at all, and her sister happily drank it all.

But Friday night (Nov 1), the girls were hungry for dinner, took themselves to the kitchen, and began to forage. Sam pushed my chair over against the cupboard, climbed up next to the counter, and helped herself to a whole ripe apple from the fruit plate.

Meanwhile, Cate opened the fridge and began rummaging through the yogurt bin until she found a cherry-flavored Fage yogurt. It struck me that this may be the moment, I’d been watching for.

I asked Cate, “Which do you like better: mommy milk or cow girl milk?” Without hesitation, she replied, “cow girl milk.”

I then asked Sam the same question. I had to wait for her to finish chewing an enormous bite of apple, but she also said that she liked “cow girl milk” better.

So I went with it. I didn’t remind them about Mama Milk, and they leaped readily into dinner. The next several days, we stayed busy. Both Saturday and Sunday we went out for early dinners, and since we weren’t at home, they mostly didn’t acknowledge that anything was different.

Sam and Cate each had one moment when a contextual cue reminded them that something was missing. When I came home Monday and talked about changing out of my work clothes, Cate declared that it was time for “Mama Milk,” and volunteered to go get our nursing pillow. When I told her no, we’d do dinner instead, she cried a little. But she moved into dinner readily. On Tuesday, when I changed my shirt, Sam spotted my boobs and declared for “Mama milk.” She, too was fussily disappointed when I declined to nurse, and again, it was short-lived.

So, at least for now, it feels weird *to me* not to nurse anymore, but the girls adapted readily. It was hard to tell them no, and I’m relieved that I only had to do it once each.

Going forward, I think weaning will simplify our evenings. And that will be a good thing when we attempt traveling next week!

Meanwhile, sometime last night, one of our children accessed my iPhone and deleted our TotalBaby app. Yes, it’s probably obvious that a toddler who can delete apps probably doesn’t need monitored like a newborn. But it feels weird not to track my/our sleep totals. Discombobulating.

I’m pretty sure that I have a backup. It’s not super recent, but it will at least have all of the girls’ milestones in it.