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First splash day!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Our friends Ben, Rebecca, and their daughter, Miranda visited Houston this weekend. While Ben spent Friday getting some legal edumacation, Rebecca and Miranda hung out with us. After walking to Walgreens to buy some swim diapers, everything came together for our girls to enjoy their very first Splash Day!

Thanks Gram Nancy for the one-ring pool, Susan Hawes for all of the bath toys, and Rebecca and Miranda for the excellent company! Thanks also to Emily Braswell for some cute baby girl swimsuits, although we decided to start out au naturel, and to Claudia, our nanny, for keeping the girls above water when tired Mama Bob got distracted by conversation.

Bill cleverly inflating the pool using the electric pump from the air mattress

Sam and Cate using the bath rings as teethers

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Miranda splashing in the sprinkler

Now it feels like summer! (And on a tangential note, this may be my favorite use to date of the wood deck behind our house that our friends came together to fund and build for our wedding in 2001. You all rock! When we eventually move to a newer house, whether in Houston or elsewhere, the deck and the love it represents is one of the things I will be sad to leave behind.)

Also, here are cute indoor pics of Rebecca and Ben with the girls:

Rebecca with Miranda, Cate, and Sam

Ben holding Sam and Bill holding Cate

Miranda improvised and used my watercolor (non-washable) markers to make blue hand prints

We sure enjoyed seeing you all. Please come back soon!

Speed blogging: nascent mobility

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Catie had a big night tonight. We only spent a few minutes on Tummy Time, after Prevacid and before nursing. We’ve been doing it on the floor lately, but tonight we did it on the bed like we used to.

Just as I was reminding Bill that we needed to stand right behind the babies lest they scootch backwards off the bed, Catie dug her toes into the mattress, hoisted her hips high, and scootched forward. And then she did it again. She fussed a little as she put out a Herculean effort, but she scootched all the way to Daddy on the other side of the bed. Go Catie, GO!

First baseball game!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

When I talked about waiting until next season to take the girls to a Rice baseball game, Cindy urged us to go ahead this year. She said that even if we only made it through an inning or two, it would be good experience. Susan thought so, too. So when the Owl Club offered free tickets to graduate program alumni, I requested a few for Saturday’s game against UH.

The game started at 1:30 pm, which is about when Sam and Cate usually start their afternoon nap. But they had a good late morning nap, so after midday nursing and bottles, we filled some water bottles, packed up the diaper bag, loaded the Bumbleride into the car, and headed out. We got to Reckling around 2:30 pm, collected our tickets at Will Call, and trekked to the Outfield Hill.

Beyond that, I have no idea what inning we arrived during, how many at-bats occurred while we were there, how well Rice played, or what was the final score. What I remember:

  • It was sunny and HOT with no shade available on the hill
  • Cate finally passed a painful, cereal-delayed poo and cried for a long while before I figured out she wasn’t crying because it was too hot,
  • We ran into a Houston Endowment grant officer, Elizabeth (Graves) Love (’96), shared stories about kids who don’t sleep well, and snapped a few photos,
  • I lost Cate’s Binky, and
  • it was hot. Did I mention it was too hot?

We only stayed an hour before we decided to call it a day. On the way out, we stopped in the nice, air-conditioned “Family Restroom” to change Cate’s diaper, which made her a lot happier. And when we got home, I found the missing Binky in my pocket, where Rob told me it belongs. I’m not sure yet what to do differently next time to make a game outing more enjoyable for the girls, but I’m glad we went.

When we got home, instead of starting the afternoon bottles late, we skipped right to dinner-time nursing, and moved the girls directly through bottles to a much earlier-than-usual 6:30 pm bedtime. They didn’t sleep any better (read more contiguously) than usual, but they did mostly sleep, which let Bill and me enjoy a quiet dinner and early bedtime ourselves. Bedtime was followed by the usual series of girl-reflux awakenings, which we took turns covering, but there were a lot of them and Sunday morning found us really, really tired. It’s possible that the girls had a rougher-than-sometimes night because of the disruptions to their schedule during the day, but it’s hard to know.

Milky Way mobile!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Lots of parenting books recommend hanging mobiles over cribs as something babies will enjoy. They then hurry to add that you should remove them by the time your babies are 5 months old lest they “pull it down and risk injury.”

I really like mobiles as an art form, but I just couldn’t get excited about spending $25-40 apiece for two little mobiles that might play annoying tinny tunes, especially if we were supposed to remove them just a few months later. I’m very excited that Baba Jean got this for Cate and Sam instead:

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Thanks, Baba Jean!