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Bob checks in again…

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I got a spate of text messages from Bob today without asking her first how she’s doing.  Which I’m hoping means she’s feeling somewhat better.  They still have no power, so everyone think good “power coming back on” thoughts.  They could use it.  Here’s her update:

9/22/08 2:14 PM

“Greetings from Houston… It’s day 10 without power here at casa de Bob y Bill.  Mom went into the office this morning, both to catch up, and for AC and internet.  Dad has been making work calls all morning from the house.  I’ve been with Granmom at Sharon’s and doing laundry, while Sharon went off to start her new job at Methodist.  Sean has been hanging out with his friend Miles, and coming back to spell me from time to time, like right now.  Granmom’s new Houston caregiver starts tomorrow.  Chris and his family are back in Houston, staying with a friend who has power.  And Bill is getting ready to fly back to work in NYC in an hour or two.  Which means I need to go learn how to gas and start our friend ‘Genni’ quick before he leaves.

In the meantime, it’s 1:20 PM, 90 outside, and 84 inside.  According to the news, Centerpoint has restored power to 1.37 million customers.  BUt we’re apparently among the other 800,000 who are still in the dark.”

Update to the update…

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

I spoke to Bob a while ago.  She asked me to amend her earlier update to say that Chris’s friend Shane was not headed to his mom’s house with his grandmother.  Chris’s friend Shane was headed to his mom’s house with his grandmother and his mom.  All three are currently missing.

The Red Cross has told Chris that this is one of their top priority cases.  Chris has filed a missing persons report.  Bob is going to be making some kind of flyer to post.

Man, this is awful.  Please keep Shane and his family in your thoughts.  I hope they are found soon, and were just unable to communicate.

As you can imagine, Bob and Bill and the whole family are pretty wrung out at this point.  I truly hope they get their power back by Monday so they can begin to return to something resembling normalcy.  Power alone won’t do it, given that three of the family members live in Galveston.  (Here’s hoping that is still a present – and future – tense idea.)  But having power would help, not the least because it would allow them to cool off the house and get a good night’s sleep.  (Sharon, Bob’s cousin, does have power, and Bob’s Gran is staying there.)

I hope this lets up soon for all of their sakes.

Update from Bob

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

I think things down there are really starting to wear on Bob.  Instead of texting me throughout the day, now I text her at the end of the day to ask if everyone is still alright, and she gives me a fast update.  Not typical extravert behavior, let me tell you.  If any of you have a chance to find a way to contact Bob or Bill or Jean or Chuck or the rest to let them know you’re thinking of them, I think they could all use all of the positive thoughts they can get.

The update from Bob last night was scary (but not about them, before anyone panics):

9/19/08 9:44 PM:

“Another long day today.  Mom is having dinner with Sharon, Sean, and Sarah.  Dad, Bill, and I are having Ninfa’s.  We decided to mix it up.

We’re fretting about my brother’s friend Shane, who is feared lost.  We think he and his grandmother were trapped when water cut off the road from Bolivar.  They were headed to his mom’s house in Dallas, but they never checked in.  The Red Cross went to where their house was, and checked the shelter lists, but no word yet.  We’re really worried.”

Yikes, no kidding.  If any of you have any thoughts or prayers to spare for Chris’s friend Shane, it sounds like they’re really needed right now.

According to the updated Centerpoint energy map, Bob and Bill should hopefully have power back by Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed about that, too.

More news as I gather it…

Fast update from Bob

Friday, September 19th, 2008

I hadn’t heard from Bob all day yesterday, so I texted her to make sure everyone was okay.  Here was her response:

9/18/08 10:05 PM:

“We’re out for a family restaurant dinner now ourselves.  I aspire to upload photos to share.  But I’ve had virtually no downtime to do it, or text, or even process what we’re doing.”

Sounds like she’s a TAD bit overwhelmed.  :)  More news as I receive it…

More updates from Bob – Part II

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

9/15/08 9:32 AM

“Today is getting a tough start. It IS finally cool enough to sleep in the house, with a sheet even.  But when Bill’s CPAP went off at 3:30, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.  As unusual as living without power is, it has gotten familiar enough that I’m starting to think about broader challenges.  Like what will my Gran do when Sharon starts work? And even if Sarah’s building is okay, what of her caregivers?  And was Carol, who was fretting about missing a bus while she was helping Sarah pack, able to get off the island in time? Or whether now that it’s Monday, my husband needs to head back to his office in NYC as room at the airport reopens, since they have power and there is work to do?

I had so many thoughts I had to write them down.  So I crept out to retrieve my laptop, propped it on the trash can by my pallet, and wrote in the dark.  I _never_ get insomnia, so this felt really foreign.  But four pages and 90 minutes later, I had stopped crying and felt ready to try sleeping.  I finally fell asleep sometime around 6:30 AM… only to be awakened just now at the sound of a loud leaf blower.  It’s funny how, with the windows open, our busy, urban outside seems louder.

I can hear now that I’m the last one up, which is different since the storm.  So I should brush my teeth and fire up the stove for tea…”

9/15/08 4:52 PM

“Good things are happening today. Izzy has heard us say that ‘Ike’ made all this mess.  So she said to her mom, ‘If I always have to clean up my own mess, why is everybody cleaning up for Ike?’ Too cute!

It’s 76 indoors instead of 84.  We had City garbage collection as scheduled this morning.  Sarah finally braved the outside and joined us for lunch.  Tibbs finally relaxed enough to eat regularly and sleep amongst the interlopers.  Right now we’re enjoying shrimp, ravioli, and spinach sauteed with garlic by maglite glow.

Have I mentioned that Sharon is awesome? Also, we’re dining to the hum of a new generator.  Bill has a TV image, but no sound yet… Oh, actually, Dad just found the simulcast on the radio, so we have news! Yay!”

9/16/08 9:26 PM

“Only a short update: Today has been hard. Sarah has grown impatient with the unfamiliar environment.  Chris’s boss wants him to come back to work, even though his apartment isn’t habitable for them without power.  And Jean and Chuck made it onto the island for about an hour before the curfew.  Their house took 3+ feet of water.  They’re back now, but we’re each some mix of tired/sad/angry/daunted/frustrated/anxious.  Bill, Sharon, and Sean are bravely making dinner for the rest of us.  But it’s going to be a quiet, thought-full evening.”

More updates from Bob – Part I

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Bob very generously gave me access to do an actual post so I could let everyone know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, things are pretty tough down there.  She’s asked me to post all of her updates – good, bad, and indifferent – so you can really know how things are going.  Everything has been coming to me by text messages, which I am posting as I received them.

9/14/08 10:56 AM

“Wow, I didn’t think it could get any more humid, but I was wrong. I’m curious what says, but alas.  Heavy rain rolled in around 5:30 AM. At least it’s somewhat cooler outside.” (author’s note: When I got this text, I checked for Bob, and the humidity was 94%. Yuck.)

9/14/08 10:48 PM

“When Sharon came to collect hot water (we have a gas stove) for tea and coffee this morning, she said she woke up around 3:00 AM and heard a pitiful voice calling “hello?”  She found Sarah sitting on the floor in the bathroom.  Apparently she went in the night without a light and closed the door for privacy.  In the dark, she couldn’t find the door to get out.  So she sat on the floor in the bathroom in the dark until Sharon found her and led her back to bed.  So sad!

On the bright side, it really IS cooler… outside, at least.  We moved out teak deck furniture to the front porch, and it’s now the ‘living room’.  We also pulled the ancient wood-framed screens out of the garage rafters.  Most are torn or broken, but three are intact.  So now we can open three windows wide to let cool air in, without letting our diabetic indoor kitty out.  Big accomplishment.  Yay!

One last update: leaky mold smell drove Chris and the girls out.  They left for Wimberly around 8:30 tonight.”

9/15/08 12:03 AM

“While we were out questing this afternoon, I turned on the radio to seek KHOU’s ongoing coverage.  Instead I landed first on a music station, which I quickly realized was playing David Cook’s ‘Time of My Life’.  Singing along, I was so happy, and simultaneously aware of the looming awfulness, that the song felt ironic and new, and I wept.”