More updates from Bob – Part I

Bob very generously gave me access to do an actual post so I could let everyone know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, things are pretty tough down there.  She’s asked me to post all of her updates – good, bad, and indifferent – so you can really know how things are going.  Everything has been coming to me by text messages, which I am posting as I received them.

9/14/08 10:56 AM

“Wow, I didn’t think it could get any more humid, but I was wrong. I’m curious what says, but alas.  Heavy rain rolled in around 5:30 AM. At least it’s somewhat cooler outside.” (author’s note: When I got this text, I checked for Bob, and the humidity was 94%. Yuck.)

9/14/08 10:48 PM

“When Sharon came to collect hot water (we have a gas stove) for tea and coffee this morning, she said she woke up around 3:00 AM and heard a pitiful voice calling “hello?”  She found Sarah sitting on the floor in the bathroom.  Apparently she went in the night without a light and closed the door for privacy.  In the dark, she couldn’t find the door to get out.  So she sat on the floor in the bathroom in the dark until Sharon found her and led her back to bed.  So sad!

On the bright side, it really IS cooler… outside, at least.  We moved out teak deck furniture to the front porch, and it’s now the ‘living room’.  We also pulled the ancient wood-framed screens out of the garage rafters.  Most are torn or broken, but three are intact.  So now we can open three windows wide to let cool air in, without letting our diabetic indoor kitty out.  Big accomplishment.  Yay!

One last update: leaky mold smell drove Chris and the girls out.  They left for Wimberly around 8:30 tonight.”

9/15/08 12:03 AM

“While we were out questing this afternoon, I turned on the radio to seek KHOU’s ongoing coverage.  Instead I landed first on a music station, which I quickly realized was playing David Cook’s ‘Time of My Life’.  Singing along, I was so happy, and simultaneously aware of the looming awfulness, that the song felt ironic and new, and I wept.”


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