First tooth: Cate!

Cate started teething in earnest two weeks ago. This morning, her first pointy little tooth made its debut!

Unlike our grown-up teeth that are weathered and smooth from years of (ab)use, it’s surprisingly sharp. I can see why she seemed so uncomfortable while it was working its way up through her gums. Ouch! She’s much happier now, and has returned to her better sleeping ways.

Meanwhile, Sam continues to enjoy gumming all sorts of objects, but does not yet have any signs of serious tooth formation, for which I’m grateful. She still has lots of trouble staying asleep and I imagine that teeth erupting won’t help. We need all the practice sleeping we can get between now and then.

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  1. jbholzer says:

    You didn’t cut your first tooth until nine months, which prompted Sue Nadeau to pronounce my children “dentally retarded”. Don’t have a clear memory of Christopher’s first tooth, but assume he followed in your pattern. So Sam is just maintaining the family tradition. By the way, don’t we get a picture of Catie’s first tooth? Love – Baba Jean

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