Happy Fathers’ Day!

Sunday was our second Fathers’ Day. Though the babies were still inside me this time last year, Bill was already working hard to take care of all three of us. Long before he worked back-to-back shifts in the NICU, he took over grocery shopping, cooking, and other chores and errands so that I could focus on gestating. Our daughters are bigger and stronger because of it, and I’m grateful.

To honor the occasion this year, here’s the very first photo of Bill with both of our daughters, taken 24 minutes after they were born (click for larger):

And here they are on Sunday:

As the rector at St. Stephen’s, Lisa Hunt, reminded me a few years ago, “parent is a verb.” It’s not an honorary status; it’s what you do that matters. Happy Fathers’ Day to Bill, to my Dad, to my brother Chris, to my brother-in-law Jeff, and to all of the dedicated men-folk we know who take parenting seriously.

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2 Responses to “Happy Fathers’ Day!”

  1. jbholzer says:

    Bill looks so fresh and well-rested on the morning of their birth day! Some day he will be that way again. In the meantime he has earned a sky-full of gold stars for the care he has taken of his girls. All three of them. Love, J.

  2. Bob says:

    Bill *looks* fresh and well-rested. The shower was real, but the energy was rooted in a five-hit Starbuck’s espresso drink. He was wired, but the delight was authentic. :-)

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